AIONAS TRAVEL was established in 1996. Based in Limassol, we cover with our services all the Republic of CYPRUS. The credibility, the quality of our selections, the transparency in all kind of economic exchanges, have placed us among the best Cypriot Incoming (D.M.C.) travel companies.

By nature and conviction we never stopped building our knowledge by participating in seminars and workshops, by being present in the major European travel exhibitions and by listening to you explaining your clients’ expectations.

During this trip we dealt successfully with various travel activities which you can discover in our website www.aionas.com

Aionas Travel is among the very few travel companies in Cyprus specialized in students sport travel. We believe that CYPRUS is a destination which must be included in the program of all sport travel operators.

We grow bigger step by step, always caring for the common interest without risks, big words and unpleasant surprises.

Choose Cyprus

• Rich ancient history
• Safe environment
• Sports orientated
• Renovated hotels
• Mediterranean climate
• Mediterranean nutrition
• Best sports facilities
• EEU member
• Short hole flights